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Hydromino Coco Bloom

Hydromino Coco Bloom

Hydromino Coco Bloom A & B is designed as a flowering formulation best suited for large plants grown in all conditions (indoor & outdoor) with enhanced growth conditions and/or a CO2 enriched environment.  Utilising amino bonding technology and in addition, an antimicrobial surfactants present. These components permit the user to have a lower than normal conductivity/ppm/E.C./T.D.S. level present whilst still obtaining premium results.  To your final volume of water add equal parts of A & B.

1L Bottle5L Bottle20L Bottle

Sizes: 1L, 5L & 20L

  • Premium results

    Premium results

  • Lower conductivity

    Lower conductivity

  • Utilises amino bonding technology

    Utilises amino bonding technology

  • Utilises organic compounds

    Utilises organic compounds

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Usage guide

Hydromino Coco Bloom Usage Guide Table

Note: Millilitres shown above are for each week and is per litre

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