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Hydromino Silica

Hydromino Silica

Hydromino Silica is a mineral plant additive, which assists the plant to maximise its health and improve its resistance against plant disease. Silica will increase weight and bulk, helps nutrient intake, improves disease resistance, increases photosynthesis, reduces heat and water stress, salinity and chlorine uptake. We recommend using Hydromino Silica from seed/cutting to harvest. This will enable Silica to be in the root mass.

1L Bottle5L Bottle

Sizes: 1L & 5L

  • Increase weight and bulk

    Increase weight and bulk

  • Help nutrient uptake

    Help nutrient uptake

  • Increass photosynthesis

    Increass photosynthesis

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Usage guide

Hydromino Silica Usage Guide Table

Note: Millilitres shown above are for each week and is per litre

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