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Hydromino Fulvic

Hydromino Fulvic

Hydromino Fulvic enhances cell growth and increases oxygen and nutrient uptake. The small molecular size of Fulvic Acid allows it to enter the vascular system of plants. Fulvic Acid easily binds to minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, zinc and magnesium. Whilst moving through the roots, stem and leaves, it takes these minerals to metabolic sites within the plant. The ability of Fulvic Acid to bind to trace minerals makes it an effective organic chelating compound. Used as a foliar spray, Fulvic Acid is a non-toxic mineral additive and water binder that maximises the plants productivity. 

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Sizes: 1L, 5L & 20L

  • Enhances cell growth

    Enhances cell growth

  • Increases O2 uptake

    Increases O2 uptake

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Usage guide

Hydromino Fulvic Usage Guide Table

Note: Millilitres shown above are for each week and is per litre

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